Mind Control – Out Now!

My most recent song, “Mind Control” is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud! This song was a favorite of mine to record. The vocals were processed through an old Roland VS-880 digital recorder which only has a maximum bit-rate of 12. I wanted an earthy haunting sounding vocal, with enough noise to make the voice discomforting but still easy to understand. The VS-880 uses a large internal hard disk for storage than I noticed made a horrid whirring noise. I crouched under my desk, where I store the vintage digital recorder, and whispered the first words that came to mind. These eerie vocals are the first take I captured, huddled under a desk, with the microphone as close as I could get it to this old Atari-looking machine – at 4AM. Hopefully that earns me your listen!

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