Mastering – “Dark Matter Remix EP”

Here is a first look at the upcoming release by Genesis Records: “Dark Matter Remix EP”. The original hit single “Dark Matter”, by Spanish producer Nine Flags, was released on February 17th, 2017. Genesis Records and its artists have been putting together a collection of remixes to kick-start their upcoming summer release schedule. The EP will include remixes by deep house and techno producer N-amouR, electro producer The Electroclassic, and the original producer, Nine Flags himself.

I have been tasked by the record company to master all three remixes together, in order to produce a well-received and standardized EP. I was lucky enough to have access to the Neve 88R console at SAE Institute of Technology in New York, where I completed the mastering for all three tracks. Luckily, the room is fitted with 12 inch Genelec Monitors, as well as a pair of six inch Focals for reference.

I mostly master in the box, using free plug-ins to my advantage. I did, however, route the signal through a Focusrite Red 3 stereo compressor, with all of the settings turned off to add some warmth to the master chain. Each track required its own form of love and care, but with the proper analysis, monitors, and compressor emulations, I was able to bring the tracks to an appropriate industry standard level, while maintaining their harmonic integrity. I look forward to hear how the work is received upon release.

Dark Matter Remix EP – Available June, 14th

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